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Hey Friend.

As an introvert, this ability to talk about myself as though I’m cool has always been weird.

However, since you decided to learn a little more about me. Let me just take the liberty to tell you all the things about me.

  • Life + Leadership Coach. Personality Consultant.

  • Teacher + Speaker.

  • Certified Birkman Professional.

  • Certified Life Coach. Certified Health Coach.

  • Certified Equestrian Coach.

  • Graduated with B.A. in Christian Studies.

  • Future Graduate of a Masters in Leadership.

  • Certificate Hoarder. Grateful Academic Slave.

  • Personality Assessment Junkie.

  • INTJ. Birkman Blue. Enneagram 5.

  • Thinker. Dreamer. Achiever.

  • YouTube + Podcast Lover. Conference Attender.

  • Writer, Blogger + Future Author? Trying.

  • Aspiring Minimalist. Confirmed Simplicity Advocate.

  • Numbers Nerd. Bookworm. Christian. Feminist + Equal Opportunist. Yoga Lover. Coffee Drinker. Wannabe Interior Designer.

  • Equestrian. Farmer. Dog Mom. Oldest Sister + Large Family.

  • Survivor Fan. Couch Commentator. Netflix Binger. Professional One Tree Hill Reunion Advocate.

  • Delusional Optimist for Bachelor Nation.

  • Realistic Optimist for Life.

not enough?

Were the bullet points not enough? You can check out my written note about me.

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I am a life + leadership coach that empowers women to live with passion + lead with confidence.

how in the world did that happen?


This company was founded out of the painful reality that I spent way to much time, money and wasted efforts trying to figure out what my passions were, what my plan was, who I was + who I wanted to be. AND how in the world to make a profit from it all.

So, I became for other people, what I wish I had from the start.

What is that exactly?

Life + Leadership Coach. Personality Consultant. Because with self-knowledge, you can thrive in life + leadership.


To empower women to live their purpose + lead with confidence.

For every woman to pursue her passions with smart plans + a little dose of peace. And, if they want, to make a profit.


To give back to causes that support women + children.

More about our give back policy to come, we’ll keep you posted on the details. Basically though, we give back on every purchase.


To coach women one-on-one in life + leadership and on their own personality assessments.

To educate by hosting workshops on life + leadership development, by speaking + teaching and other informative things.

To create content. Check out social media, the blog + other goodies will be coming soon.


Would you love to collaborate? Anything from events to content. Let’s figure out how we can work together.

PS. coffee is a low-key requirement.