Welcome to My Thoughts

Welcome to my thoughts. This space is for all the things that I tend to think about.

On any given week, the following topics tend to cross my mind…

  • life + leadership

  • coaching + questions

  • productivity + success

  • finances + budgets

  • personal + professional development

  • emotional intelligence

  • personality assessments

  • entrepreneurship + business

  • goals + achievement

  • holistic approaches + living

  • health + wellbeing

  • relationships

  • homes + spaces

  • spirituality + faith

  • stress management

  • human behaviour + habits

  • self-management + self-care

  • books + podcasts + conferences + youtube

As you just read, there is lots of things that are going on in my brain. This blog is a space that is for the thoughts + tools that make us the best version of ourselves in life + leadership.

How did this all start?

Ever since I read my first self-help book, which was He’s Just Not That Into You… I kid you not. I picked it up when I was in grade 8 on our youth group missions trip. I landed up reading it on the way down to Mexico. For anyone that has not read the book, the basic premise is to tell you that someone does not treat you respectfully and is not intentionally involved in the relationship… they are just not that into you. (ps. + note. the content is probably not appropriate for a pre-teen; however, I wish they would adapt the book for teenagers… because it is brilliant. Anyway..)

I loved it. It is the best relationship advice that someone could ever read. Relationships were not that complicated. Before I even started dating, I lived by this book.

How did this start it all?

Because this is the first book that I can remember reading that changed the way I lived + showed up in the world. And I was hooked. I have been absolutely hooked on this idea that we as human beings can become the best version of ourselves and it does affect the way we live our lives. And this matters.

I mean this over half the equation to emotional intelligence. When we are aware of who we are + what we do + why we do it.. then how we self-manage that. That self-awareness + self-management leaks into every other area of our lives… and very specifically our relationships, communities + workplaces.

Just imagine for a second, that the world was a place were we were all very intentional on showing up + being the absolute best version of ourselves. Where we actually gave a bleep about ourselves + about other people.

I think this is what God wants for us. It is a way of intentional being in the world. And for me, this started with He’s Just Not That Into You…

All those rabbit trials to say… This is a space for my voice, my passions, and my thoughts.

So, welcome here. I am glad you made it.

Ashley Kampmanthoughts