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dear friend

If you are new to this space, welcome here.

This is a space devoted to women who consider themselves a leader in whatever context they may find themselves.

A place where women live with purpose + lead with confidence. We are fuelled by passion, smart plans + a little dose of peace.

If you have been here once (or more) before, then we are friends.

Welcome Friend.

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 Join an online leadership education and development masterclass for Christian Women led by Kaitlyn Cey + Carmen Kampman + Me from September 2019 - April 2020.

This online eight month journey will include 1:1 coaching, a birkman assessment, live leadership development sessions, live monthly office hours + a private facebook community. And the best part is.. you can join from anywhere.


Learn the basics about me, Ashley Kampman. Plus, a little about this company.

And anything else that I thought you might need to know.

This is the spot where I talk about myself like I am cool. I find it weird, but maybe you will enjoy getting to know me. You just never know.

We may even become friends.

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